Raman Sarda

Software Developer

About Raman Sarda

A linux enthusiast and a distro-hopper. Interested in working of operating systems.

Student at Google Summer of Code 2020 with Debian | Ubuntu Developer | Lubuntu Core Developer

Currently pursuing B.E Civil and M.Sc. Physics at BITS Pilani Hyderabad Campus, India.

Raspberry Pi MPTCP kernel


Compiled binaries of linux 5.4 kernel with MultiPath TCP support. I couldn’t find any builds for Raspberry Pi so decided to build one from source.

MultiPath TCP is an effort towards enabling the simultaneous use of several IP-addresses/interfaces by a modification of TCP that presents a regular TCP interface to applications, while in fact spreading data across several subflows. Benefits of this include better resource utilization, better throughput and smoother reaction to failures.

Video Streaming over MPTCP.


A small client-server script pair which records live video stream from Raspberry Pi camera and transfers it over to server using MPTCP.

Uses picamera to capture video stream from client side. Matplotlib is used to display the images on server side. Works with any scheduler and any combination of connections between client and server as long as MPTCP is configured correctly.

Blockchain Election Voting App.


A election voting app based on blockchain. Focused on making EVMs hackproof and on instantaneous counting of votes. The blockchain used consists a dictionary of data, hash of previous block and a hash of both of these.

This project is a team effort for Microsoft CodeFunDo++ 2019. Source can be found here.

The_LoudSpeaker's Blog.


A personal blog where I talk about all things Operating Systems.

‘Distro-hopping’ is my favourite way to waste time. So I decided to document some of it on this blog. You might also see some other things here. (You have been warned.)

Lubuntu grub Theme.


Simple grub theme written from scratch for Lubuntu. Takes inspirations from breeze grub theme. This theme is default grub theme for Lubuntu since Lubuntu 20.10.

The_LoudSpeaker's Blog App.


Android App for reading blog posts from The_LoudSpeaker’s Blog

Nothing fancy. Just a attempt at Android App development.